All Our Support is Handled Personally In-House by Matt Jones, the Creator of Power Reports for MYOB

When you need support, you really need someone who knows the systems inside and out… We don’t outsource support to someone with an out of date manual or step by step flow chart – And we promise that Matt will never use any ‘Techno Garble’ to Explain how to fix your issue, just plain simple English.

For any of the reports we release, he can answer almost all questions there and then on the spot. But when you give him a question that he doesn’t know there and then he’ll get to work on solving it for you. Great support doesn’t always mean knowing all the answers straight away, it’s having access to the resources and networks that he can tap into including his involvement in a High Level Mastermind Group with 14 other High Level Excel/PowerBI Experts from all over the world.

How Do We Handle Support

To make sure Matt is kept on schedule each day all support queries should be sent by email to – This is a special email address that is redirected to our support portal which will create a Special Note/Task for Matt to contact you.

You can also click the support button that should pop up on the bottom of each page on this website.
Typically you will hear from Matt within 4 business hours of you lodging your support ticket – Please be as descriptive as you can. For simple questions he will email you straight back, however if he believes it needs some one on one personal assistance he will give you a call and use ‘Remote Assistance’ software  to show you what is wrong and how to fix it.

I Only Have One Of Your Free Reports - Can I Still Receive Support

Yep… You’re still covered with the same respect and level of support to someone who has one of our fully paid reports. The only difference is that you can expect a reply back within 8 business hours instead of the normal 4 hours.

What Is Remote Assistance and How Does it Work

Remote Assistance software allows Matt to see the screen of your computer while he’s talking on the phone with you.
We use a product called ‘GoToAssist’ to achieve this which has been created by Citrix – One of the most respected IT companies in the world.
The connection can only be initiated from your end with each session having a unique support key.