Custom MYOB Report – Supplier List with ABN

This report is for Shirley from Accurate Balance who is after a simple supplier list from MYOB, including address, phone number and the ABN Number.

Existing reports from MYOB just couldn’t provide this info in a table like format, so using Excel’s ‘Get and Transform’ function we exported a file from MYOB and within just a few minutes had the complete list of Suppliers in the exact format required. If we where to do this the old fashioned way of dumping existing reports from MYOB into Excel with the ‘Cut and Paste’ shuffle it would have taken a few hours to do everytime the report needed updating.

How the Report Looks Within MYOB

How We Really Want the Report To Look

Video Showing Completed Custom MYOB Supplier Report with Instructions

How Did We Do This In Excel

Using the ‘Get and Transform’ function in Excel, it allows us to read in the text file and treat this file just like a database – We set a series of rules for Excel to follow each time we need the report updated. Check out the video below as I show how this is done from scratch.

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