AccountingPower - Perfect Super for MYOB - Statewide Super Edition

Use the Only Approved Tool to Extract Super Data from MYOB
Into the Statewide Super Online Portal - Easily and Totally Free

  • Use Statewide Super as Your SuperStream Solution

    Perfect Super for MYOB extracts all the data required from MYOB and prepares the file to easily upload into the Statewide Super Online Portal.

  • Get Super Advice and Help from the Experts

    When you use the Intrust Super Online Portal you are backed by Real Superannuation Experts.

  • Perfect Super is Free to Download and Use

    Perfect Super is absolutely Free to Download and Use without any restrictions

  • Works with the Old and New MYOB Versions

    Perfect Super works with the Older Classic Desktop - Version 19... As well as the New AccountRight Version 2019.

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