MYOB Problem Solving

Get your MYOB issues solved by the Expert.

Matt has been bookkeeping, consulting and developing for MYOB since it was first released back in the early 90's - He has seen, heard and solved many thousands of issues during that time.

This is not about technical bugs with MYOB - But instead the human process required to get the desired result you need.

MYOB happens to be the best accounting package available for its target market - There is really nothing better out there for its price.

But... It can be rather inflexible for how your business operates - What if you need to create a workaround in entering your data, but that could cause undesired (and sometime unknown issues) with other parts of your MYOB file.

Knowing how the MYOB data flows behind the scenes of the MYOB file is critical to problem solving and this is where Matt will step in and help you out.

Sometimes the answer will be a change in the collection of data and how that is processed. Sometimes it may be something as simple as a report or dashboard or maybe one of the many available 3rd party add-ons that are available (Matt knows all the great ones, along with those to avoid).

For a limited time Matt is taking 20 minute bookings - absolutely free. During that time you will go through your issues with MYOB, outlining what the problem causes to your business - How much extra time staff need to spend on this issue and the end result you want to achieve.

Matt will then get to work finding out the answer to your problem - Sometimes you will get your answer on the phone straight away - And sometimes he will need to go and do some research and make a few calls to some of his inside contacts.

Please Note : This is about MYOB operational issues... Matt is not qualified in Tax and will not answer any Tax related questions - But we do know very good Accountants that we can refer to you in this area.

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