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Matthew Jones at AccountingPower has been helping MYOB Users all Over Australia and New Zealand with their Advanced MYOB Reporting Requirements Using Excel and PowerBI. Matthew is guaranteed to save you hours and/or days worth of work every single month by linking your MYOB data directly to Excel and PowerBI to fully automate all of your Advanced MYOB Reporting Requirements.

I recently attended a one on one coaching session with Matthew Jones from AccountingPower, who demonstrated how to write code in Power Query to extract data from MYOB to enable us to update a full set of management accounts by a click of a button. I found him externally helpful and knowledgeable about MYOB. Matthew is always great at giving feedback and goes out of his way to help a person. I highly recommend his services to any Finance and Accounting profession who wants to take their MYOB Reporting to the next level. Matthew has saved me a ton of time and is my go to resource for smart reporting.
Arno Wakfer
Financial Controller - Assured Environmental
There is nothing but praise I can offer for the level of service I have recently experienced from Matthew Jones. The support via email and phone has been both timely and succinct. Power Reports saves me hours and hours each month.
Ivan Jelic
Accountant - 2+2 Business Services
As a financial consultant working with many SME businesses to assist them to understand and use their monthly financial information, I spend a lot of time taking reports out of MYOB and putting them into specialist Excel models that we have developed to graphically represent data and relationships. Some of my clients have up to 20 different MYOB data files from which we need to draw information. Finding Matthew Jones at AccountingPower has been transformational to my business as it allows me to collect the information easier, without opening the individual data files and therefore I am able to present the data in an understandable form far more efficiently. This means I spend more time analysing the information in the accounts to the strategic plan and talking to my clients and helping them grow their business, as opposed to trawling through data and multiple MYOB screens. Thanks Matthew.
Paul Gwilym
Principal - Strategic Momentum Solutions Pty Ltd
Matthew Jones from AccountingPower has been absolutely brilliant with the excel reporting I have asked of him. Nothing is too big a challenge. He is always coming up with something to improve and add to the finished report. I have cut my reporting time more than in half each month and actually don’t dread having to do my monthly reports. For the first time in ages I am up to date with reporting and able to do interim reports at the drop of a hat. Thanks Matthew excellent work.
Lyn Colyer
Owner - Advanced Book-keeping And Spreadsheet Solutions
Hi Matthew. Love your work – This has again been a smooth upgrade process, thank you so much.
Sabine Stolle
Financial Controller - Universal Store
I have recently recently started using the AccountingPower “Perfect Super” tool created by Matthew Jones and I would highly recommend it to anyone using MYOB for their payroll. This tool will save you hours of time and keep your Super files accurate and up to date. No more need to manually load change of details or termination dates. Fantastic!
Heather Goulding
Payroll Officer - Prince Supermarkets
Hi Matthew. I thought after two years of using your excellent software and your top personal service, it was about time I let you know just how much time & stress Perfect Super has saved me. I pay superannuation quarterly for over 150 staff. Our industry has a highly transient workforce and as such our staff turnover if significant. This means every quarter I had to allow a whole week to process superannuation, on top of my regular administration duties. I have to say when super time was approaching, my stress level greatly increased. I was then introduced, through Sunsuper, to yourself and AccountingPower, and your Perfect Super product. At first I struggled as I’m not ‘IT’ savvy, however you assisted in every way possible to make the transition manageable. After my 3rd attempt at uploading from MYOB, finally I was comfortable. As each quarter went by I was processing everything quicker and quicker. Yesterday, with the latest updated version, my Jan-Mar Super was processed in about 15 minutes... absolutely amazing and so easy to use. Now for me to say that surely means others will do it all with their eyes closed. Years ago my password for online super contributions was ‘worstjob13’. I’m not telling you my new password, but you can bet it is far more positive! It just keeps getting better and better, so thank you very much for saving my time and sanity.
Miria Martin
Administration/Accounts - Salescorp Marketing Solutions
Wow – I have looked at Power Reports latest report where you can combine one or more months. This is going to make a HUGE difference in saving time compared to literally cutting and pasting a number of reports from MYOB. It will also look a lot more professional - It is particularly useful when a company combines eg December and January reports or quarterly reports. Well done Matthew and thank you!
Ivan Kassel
MYOB Certified Consultant. Fellow - Chartered Accountant
I contacted Matthew Jones from AccountingPower regarding staff work history for hundreds of staff members that I needed to extract from several MYOB files. To do this manually it would have taken a substantial amount of time & it we would not be able to guarantee the accuracy due to human error in transferring the data. Matthew provided a quote very quickly & once the files were uploaded for him to access, he had a sample of the report available for me to review the next day. A few tweaks & the job was completed. Both my client & I are extremely happy with the finished product & the 2 day turnaround. I would not hesitate in referring him to others. Thank You Matthew.
Sandra Rhodes
MYOB Certified Consultant - River City Accounting
It works so easily and is so quick! It saves me a good hour at least! Wonderful program! Thank you!
Leesa Miller
Administrator - City Edge Ray White
Congratulations on still being better than MYOB.
Kelli Taylor
Company Accountant - Peries Group
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