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Hi Matt

Love your work – This has again been a smooth upgrade process, thank you so much.

Sabine Stolle...

Financial Controller - Universal Store - Nundah, QLD

It's awesome now - going forward, it's going to take me literally 10mins for each client whereas previously, it could've taken me hours and sometimes the whole day.

Susie Fotis...

Succession Recruitment - Sydney, NSW

Hi Matthew,

Yes, the AccountingPower software definitely helps us a lot, saves me heaps of time. I have 5 companies so for me personally, it would save me 1-2 days instead of manually enter the data.
And thank you in deed for replying to my messages very promptly each time.

Lisa Yao...

General Manager - Sono Restaurant Group - Brisbane, QLD

Hi Matt

Mate a massive thanks to you (and shout out to all) for your assistance with my troubles linking MYOB with Excel (and Power BI).

Really appreciated your significant time spent logging in remotely to give me some ad-hoc training as well as the freebie reports and software you've obviously sunk a lot of personal time into developing.

Likewise your methodology and reasoning into how you go about things was invaluable.

For anyone reading and looking for assistance with MYOB reporting, particularly automating and taking it to the next level (Power BI - wow!), I cannot recommend Matt at AccountingPower highly enough.

Thanks again!

Dale Robertson...

Finance Manager - Ryan’s Quality Meats - Jandakot , WA

Hi Matt

Thank you for your assistance over recent years. Your program has made a huge difference to paying super. You saved me 100 hours or more of my life!

Troy Davidson...

Cairns Cleaning Contractors - Bungalow, QLD

Dear Matt Jones

I am very gratefully for your assistance. I can’t praise you enough!

I have just spent 4 days with Myob support about my issue with the export of data not being able to link with my excel spreadsheets since our upgrade to myob live.

I have lost work because of it and I even sent them a spreadsheet which clearly showed the format problem. After going backwards and forwards with them they said I need to solve the problem myself as they could not fix it. So I made contact with you and after about 5 minutes you were able to identify the problem and also offer solutions.

I cannot praise you enough; my budgets rely on this information so you have saved me from tearing my hair out! I can’t thank you enough, your took time to listen and look at my problem in a friendly manner and quickly found a solution and also made sure it would work on my budget spreadsheet format. Your a champion!

Thankyou again Matt!

John Ciccia...

Finance Officer - Ningana Enterprises Inc - Griffith , NSW

Using Perfect Super with MYOB AccountRight was an absolute dream.

Naomi Pugsley...

Payroll Officer - Budd Exploration Drilling - Echunga, SA

Perfect Super software is fabulous. I loathed doing Super every quarter but now I welcome it as it’s so easy and minimal time spent doing it all. It used to take me days, in between other admin tasks, because we have such a high turnover of staff being a Call Centre, but now it’s uploaded in a matter of minutes. So good.

Miria Martin...

Salescorp Marketing Solutions Pty Ltd - Surfers Paradise, QLD

I love the program it certainly does save me time and stress. I have contacted you a few times over the years I have been using it and have always found your service to be prompt and useful.

Margie McKenzie...

Managing Director - Gempearl Pty Ltd - Carns, QLD

Well! I was super impressed Matt – I did our first one beginning of January using your fantastic software.

So, when I get to do the last pays for January, I will run your software again etc. late January or early Feb (as we like to pay the super monthly) – I have a few written notes and I am feeling confident it will work as smoothly as the first one!

I am amazed at how quickly it happened. Thank you for your email – it’s very nice to hear from you. Have a great rest of the week.

Josie Rasheed...

Director of Finance & Administration - HWR Media - Glen Osmond, SA

Hi Matt
I just love it! Saves me so much time.

Kerry Georgiou...

Carina Heights Child Care & Development - Tarragindi, QLD

Hi Matt

LOVING the convenience and efficiency of the software !

Janet Stewart...

Accounts Administrator - Sleepy's Pty Ltd - Eagle Farm, QLD

Hi Matt,

There are no words……Perfect Super saves me one full day a month. I love it.

Very easy to use and a great support system if I ever do have any problems.

Thanks so much.

Sylvia Hughes...

Payroll Officer - Q H & M Birt Pty Ltd - Toowong, QLD

Hi Matthew

Congratulations on still being better than MYOB.

Tried using the MYOB Super Upload, useless. Will stick with you.

Kelli Taylor...

Company Accountant - Peries Group Head Office - Parkridge, QLD

Hi Matt,

Hope you are well.

The Perfect Super Software has been a blessing! It has certainly saved a lot of time given I have so much on my plate already!

Thank you for all your assistance over the past few months. Much appreciated.

Sarah Bruno-Bossio...

Group Accountant - SA Care - Prospect, SA

Hi Matt,

Thanks for your email, I’m extremely happy with the software and have no issues at all.

Can’t actually believe how quick and easy it is to pay Super now.

Thank you very much.

Josie Shaw...

Administration & Accounts Manager - First Grade Recruitment - East Brisbane, QLD

There is nothing but praise I can offer for the level of service I have recently experienced.

The support via email and phone has been both timely and succinct.

Matts Custom Reports saves me hours and hours every month.

Ivan Jelic...

MYOB Certified Consultant - 2+2 Business Services - Paddington, NSW

As a financial consultant working with many SME businesses to assist them to understand and use their monthly financial information, I spend a lot of time taking reports out of MYOB and putting them into specialist Excel models that we have developed to graphically represent data and relationships. Some of my clients have up to 20 different MYOB data files from which we need to draw information.

Finding AccountingPower has been transformational to my business as it allows me to collect the information easier, without opening the individual data files and therefore I am able to present the data in an understandable form far more efficiently. This means I spend more time analysing the information in the accounts to the strategic plan and talking to my clients and helping them grow their business, as opposed to trawling through data and multiple MYOB screens.

Thanks Matt!

Paul Gwilym...

Principal - Strategic Momentum Solutions Pty Ltd - West Perth, WA

I have recently recently started using the AccountingPower tools created by Matthew Jones and I would highly recommend it to anyone using MYOB. This tool will save you hours of time and no more need to manually update data.


Heather Goulding...

Payroll Officer - Prince Supermarkets - Maroochydore, QLD

Wow – I have looked at AccountingPowers latest report where you can combine one or more months.

This is going to make a HUGE difference in saving time compared to literally cutting and pasting a number of reports from MYOB.

It will also look a lot more professional and is particularly useful when a company combines eg December and January reports or quarterly reports.

Well done Matt and THANK YOU!

Ivan Kassel...

MYOB Certified Consultant / Chartered Accountant - Terrey Hills, NSW

Hi Matt,

I thought after two years of using your excellent software and your top personal service, it was about time I let you know just how much time & stress Perfect Super has saved me.

I pay superannuation quarterly for over 150 staff - Our industry has a highly transient workforce and as such our staff turnover is significant. This means every quarter, I had to allow a whole week to process superannuation, on top of my regular administration duties.

I have to say when super time was approaching, my stress level greatly increased. I was then introduced through Sunsuper to yourself and AccountingPower and your Perfect Super product.

At first I struggled as I’m not ‘IT’ savvy, however you assisted in every way possible to make the transition manageable uploading from MYOB, until finally I was comfortable.

As each quarter went by I was processing everything quicker and quicker. Yesterday, with the latest updated version, my super was processed in about 15 minutes... absolutely amazing and so easy to use.

Now for me to say that surely means others will do it all with their eyes closed.

Years ago my password for online super contributions was ‘worstjob13’. I’m not telling you my new password, but you can bet it is far more positive! It just keeps getting better and better, so thank you very much for saving my time and sanity.

Miria Martin...

Salescorp Marketing Solutions Pty Ltd - Surfers Paradise, QLD

To Whom it may concern,

I contacted Matthew from AccountingPower regarding staff work history for hundreds of staff members that I needed to extract from several MYOB files.

To do this manually it would have taken a substantial amount of time and we would not be able to guarantee the accuracy due to human error in transferring the data.

Matthew provided a quote for a custom report very quickly and he had a sample of the report available for me to review the next day. A few tweaks and the job was completed.

Both my client and I are extremely happy with the finished product and the 2 day turnaround.

I would not hesitate in referring him to others.

Thank You Matthew.

Sandra Rhodes...

MYOB Certified Consultant - River City Accounting Pty Ltd - Stafford City, QLD

Hi Matt,

Perfect Super has saved me an awful lot of time. It used to be quite a long process prior, now it only takes 5 minutes.

Jackie Spring...

Bookkeeper - Liqour Legends - Yeerongpilly, QLD

Hello Matt

I have just completed and submitted my Super Guarantee payment for the previous quarter.

I wanted to say how impressed I am with the system. It is one of the most efficient and time saving tools I have in my business.

Superannuation previously took me more than a full day to complete. I can now complete it in less than 20 mins.

The Perfect super software for MYOB is awesome. I recommend it whenever the opportunity arises.

Thank you.

Troy Davidson...

Cairns Cleaning Contractors - Bungalow, QLD

The Perfect Super software is amazing. It saves lots of time in processing the super payments.

Thanks for your great help all the time.

Sharon Wang...

Pure Indulgence - Loganholme, QLD

Hi Matt,

I’m loving the software – It has certainly cut down the time it used to take from about an hour to maybe 15 minutes maximum – so I’m very happy!

Thanks again for all the hard work you do behind the scenes, it’s very much appreciated!


Jodie Uzzell...

Seaton Community Children's Centre - Seaton, SA

Hi Matt,

We have been using Sunsuper Edition of Perfect Super for MYOB for a couple of years now.

Prior to the clearing house option, we used to spend a full day completing super every quarter. We now complete our monthly super in half an hour. This benefits both us and our employees by saving time and our employees reap the benefits of receiving their super earlier.


Kimberley Colhoun...

Office Manager - Aegis Sales & Service - Geebung, QLD

Hi Matt

Everything is going well. I would say that I am saving a full day of work using the Perfect Super software.

Thanks Very Much

Kim Hollingsworth...

Director - QPAMS Pty Ltd - Garbutt, QLD

Hi Matt

We are going great – love the software.

It’s definitely a big time saver (3 days per month is probably correct), but it also has changed the way we do our super and made some processes completely redundant.

Sabine Stolle...

Financial Controller - Universal Store - Nundah, QLD

Hey Matt

Just wanted to thank you for your prompt assistance concerning all my queries relating to using Perfect Super.

I have three clients who now use the SunSuper portal and your assistance really helped to make this transition run smoothly.
Previously it was a time-consuming process and I’m happy to report that this is no longer the case using AccountingPower.

The quarterly superannuation lodgement is now a task I don’t dread as the whole process runs smoothly.

Thank you once again for all your awesome help.

Susie Fotis...

Succession Recruitment - Sydney, NSW

The technical support you receive from Matthew at AccountingPower is outstanding.

No sooner do you email through a problem and he’s on the phone with a solution. If he can’t solve it over the phone you can guarantee that by the end of the day he has contacted you with the solution.

Wish we could clone him and place him in all technical support areas, we’d never have down time again.

Jackie McGrath...

Administration Manager - Smart Staff International Pty Ltd - Nhulunbuy, NT

Hi Matthew,

Thank you very much for this morning’s Excel Masterclass webinar on MYOB Custom Reporting.

Your explanations this morning made all the difference. I am presently working away at attempting to put your lesson into practice. I think your tips will make an important positive difference to our small non-profit organisation.

Thanks again.

Tony Carden...

Executive Officer - Victorian Outdoor Education Association - Carlton, VIC


That Excel Masterclass webinar you just finished on your AccountingPower Reports was brilliant!!!

Thankyou very much!!!

Bev McMasters...

Ladara Pty Ltd - Wahroonga, NSW

Dear Matthew

Your Excel Masterclass Webinar Session was truly worthwhile.

You really need to be congratulated. It’s obvious that you’ve mastered the art, and from a teacher’s perspective you gave really clear directions.

I’m excited at the prospect of being able to make the reports that I need.

I look forward to receiving the rest of the ‘goodies’ that you are providing.


Suzanne Hopper...

MYOB Certified Consultant - Moorebank, NSW

Hi Matt,

Let me start by saying that your Excel Masterclass Webinar today was very informative and certainly opened my eyes to the powerful reports that can be done by AccountingPower.

We have been using MYOB for many years and recently we have been looking at other alternative accounting packages to replace MYOB. The decision is not so clear cut now!

Enzo Macri...

Accountant - Basfoods (Aust) Pty Ltd - Brunswick, VIC

Hi Matthew,

I have only been dealing with you for a few days, but you have already helped me save hours each month by using your Custom Consolidation Reports.

At each month end I have to consolidate 5 trading companies and previously I was exporting to Excel, cutting and pasting, consolidating and then getting my month and year to date figures. This can now be done with a few key strokes and I know that nothing will be missed.

After a few small glitches (which were MYOB problems) the consolidations are now running smoothly.

I look forward to developing many more reports with you that will be beneficial to many users.

Once again thanks for you help.

Irvin Wayne...

Group Financial Controller - Micos Group of Companies - Milperra, NSW

Has been remiss of me not to thank you for sharing your expertise in setting up the Excel link to MYOB! Awesome!

Was excellent, and – as the feedback so obviously backs up – you blew them away!!

Cathy Allington...

Managing Director - You Grow Pty Ltd - Adelaide, SA

I’ve been watching your Excel Masterclass for MYOB videos for a few hours, you are the Jamie Olivier of Reporting videos for MYOB and Excel.

Bryce Hoad...

MYOB Certified Consultant - Innisfail, QLD

HI Matt

Thanks for your Reports– You have so many Excellent Reports its had to keep track.

Leanne Berry...

MYOB Certified Consultant - Bathurst, NSW

Hi Matt

I just wanted to send a note to say thankyou for the wonderful Excel Masterclass Webinar presentation yesterday.  Personally I found it amazing and I got so much out of it and found it extemely worthwhile.

The other thing that I wanted to say thankyou for which cannot go unnoticed, was your professionalism not only in the presentation but in the lead up in all emails - the reminders, etc. I appreciated it very much.

I certainly want to be notified of your upcoming events!

Aileen Lyons...

MYOB Certified Consultant - Devonport, TAS

Hi Matt

I was in a mess and you saved me!

I really appreciate your prompt response to my query emails and thanks for ringing to get the MYOB problem fixed.

Glad to see that your "Product Support" is a promise actually kept.

Vimala Dikkers...

MYOB Certified Consultant - Byron Bay, NSW

Hi Matt

Thanks so much for your outstanding backup and support since the Excel Masterclass Webinar.

You said you could get weekly data out of MYOB – and you came through with the report!

Mark Williams...

Gunn Hotel Group - Walkerville, SA

Hi Matt

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the assistance and expertise you have provided since I participated in the Excel Masterclass for MYOB webinar.

You have replied almost instantly to my emailed queries and offered clear and easy to follow instructions over the telephone.

I was a little concerned that I may not have received any after sales service once the webinar concluded but this is most definitely not the case.

I can highly recommend your services and would be pleased to receive notice of any courses that you may be running in the future.

Lynne Robertson...

CEJN Australia - Seven Hills, NSW


I am writing to say THANKYOU for the Excel Masterclass training.

This is a God-send for us, as we can now produce snapshot reports for the whole organization in UNDER half an hour, as well as month-by-month reports with appropriate % indicators.

The snapshot reports contain graphs and information on the key drivers of our business, which MYOB simply can not produce. Before AccountingPower and you came along, this took more than two days to produce each and every month and even then there was always a nagging doubt that we had not collected every piece of data entered into MYOB (what about the new accounts, what about the transferred funds, ….) .

Our group consists of eight different entities, and we can produce a customized report for either the group as a whole, or for each entity as required.

Not only has this made life easier for myself as the CFO, but the directors love the quick turnaround response for a report at any given time.

I am in the process of writing a series of reports that were always on the wish-list, and now can become a reality.

What does this mean for us as an organisation? I’ll let you know soon now that I have an minimum extra 2 days each month to calculate such scenarios.

What more can I say - Thanks a Million!

Daniel Odd...

Chief Financial Officer - Hodges - Lilydale, VIC

Hi Matthew,

Thank you for all your help and taking the time to call me back so quickly.

I was spending around 4 to 5 hours a month on reporting for a client and now with the AccountingPower Consolidations and Job Reporting it is now taking me around 20 minutes to produce the same reports.

There is so much flexiblty and its so simple to use.

Thank you for taking away the end of month stress of reporting and giving me more time to focus on other important work.

Thank you Thank you Thank you…………………….

Sally Payne...

MYOB Certified Consultant - Currumbin Waters, QLD

Thanks for the Excel Masterclass Matthew.

Once again, VERY Impressed with your knowledge and fabulous ability to communicate it!

Rochelle Park...

MYOB Certified Consultant - Kippa Ring , QLD

Good Afternoon Matt

Thanks so much for the Excel Masterclass for MYOB Training. It has saved me loads of time.

Reports that used to take me a few days to do I am now able to do by the click of a button!

Being a student in Finance, I have spread the word to friends and associates in order to get the word out that you no longer have to spend days getting reports done.

I certainly have more time to do the job I was employed to do!

Thanks again!

Angela Adams...

Manager Finance & Administration - Down Syndrome NSW - Parramatta, NSW

Hi Matthew

This is just to say thanks for your support and reports.

Once again they have proven themselves to be in valuable just like the custom report we received some 4 years ago now which has performed faultlessly.

Phil Beveridge...

Select Transmission and Motors Australia Pty Ltd - Croydon South, VIC

Thanks very much Matt.

10 Hours work previously done by bare hands with MYOB figures now is achieved in 30 seconds.

Very powerful reporting add on for MYOB making it more efficient~A+++!!

Daniel He...

Trango Aluminium - Girraween, NSW

Hi Matthew

I wrote my first MYOB Report in Excel this morning – A list of employee details!

The staff in the office are impressed with my efforts.

Thanks for the Excel Masterclass Videos.

Leah Harvy...

Business Support Manager - Anangu Accounting Agency - Alice Springs, NT


Just had to let you know.

I set up a Profit and Loss Report for a client, MTD, YTD, Budget, Forecast and Full year budget, the lot!

So I have managed to convert your Excel Masterclass training over.

Used to take the client 3 hours every month, now available on the click of a button, happy customer!!

Andy Redden...

Community Business Bureau Inc - Kensington, SA

Thank you Matthew for your wonderful service.

It is nice to be able to talk directly to someone who knows the program and is able to offer help with any problems we encounter.

We use your MYOB Consolidation Reports regularly and have found it to be an invaluable add on to our MYOB program.

Fay Carbis...

Salmon Earthmoving Services Pty Ltd - Stapylton, QLD

Since purchasing the Excel Masterclass for MYOB I have successfully written 6 different reports including Profit & Loss Account versus Budget and Last Year Actual for period and YTD in one report and Allocation of Wages to various cost centres.

Already the saving in time required to prepare the reports has been amazing.

Both Management and Committee are pleased with the reports presented.

Doug Morton...

Accounting Officer - Spiral Inc - Nambour, QLD

AccountingPower Testimonials for MYOB...

At AccountingPower we pride ourselves in giving 100% to all 4,401 of our customers.

We have mastered using Excel and PowerBI to connect directly to MYOB without any the need to purchase any add-ons or expensive monthly subscriptions.

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