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Hi There… My name is Matt and I warmly welcome you to my website – Let me tell you all About AccountingPower for MYOB.

I have been working within the MYOB Community since it first came out in the early 90s when it was called BestBooks… I actually remember calling the MYOB office and getting to speak to its founder Craig Wrinkler who refused to sell the software to me directly as he didn’t want to upset any of his resellers. At this stage I was running a small bookkeeping business using old fashioned T-Ledger Paper and Pencil so I took the plunge and purchased a 386 Computer and a copy of MYOB on 3/4 inch floppy disc from my local Tandy store. It made an instant impact as it enabled me to pick up new clients as I could deliver a more cost effective service and actually deliver some decent looking reports from my dot matrix printer. (There’s quite a few references in this paragraph that only us old timers will know what I’m talking about).

Ever since then I have been involved with MYOB in some way and was picked up by an Accounting Firm in 1996 pretty much because of my knowledge and abilities in teaching MYOB to Staff and Clients as the software was really starting to take off.

But in 2000 with MYOB absolutely booming due to the introduction of the GST I again decided to go out on my own and restart my bookkeeping business, but this didn’t last long due to one particular customer who single handedly changed my total career. I had call one day for me to come into their office for a meeting and was asked to solve a very specific reporting problem they had. They had 1 staff member whose job was to dump the entire list of customers into Excel every month and then start manipulating that data into the report that they needed – The problem for them is that it took a full week to do and by the time he was finished it was essentially out of date. I walked out of the meeting thinking what did I just get myself into, I didn’t have much of a clue of what to do and spent the next few weeks researching and teaching myself databases and reporting. The end result is that I went back about a month later with a report that would update automatically on demand and take just a few minutes.

It’s how amazing how ‘Word of Mouth’ works as they told someone else from a surf clothing business down on the Gold Coast who needed to project their sales 6 months ahead of time to make their orders on time from China. Then it exploded and without doing any advertising or any effort on my part I was getting phone calls from people all over Australia asking me to write reports for them – Essentially from here my bookkeeping career was over and I was now creating custom reporting Solutions for MYOB – And at this stage I was the only one in Australia providing this type of service.

Now 19 years later the tools that I use have changed dramatically and the types of reports we can produce using either Excel or PowerBI are truly remarkable – I love the new version of Excel, there are new features in it that were impossible only just a short year ago. With just these 2 tools we can replicate any off the shelf reporting product for MYOB and more importantly anyone with just the most basic Excel skills can use the reports I create for them with total ease.

I still see people doing the ‘Cut and Paste’ shuffle from MYOB into Excel much like my very first reporting solution 19 years ago… If you’re in this group get in contact with me I will personally convert this process down to just a few stress minutes of your time – 100% Guaranteed.

Once you have given your reporting specs I deliver a fixed quote to write the Custom Report for you and then once you give the go ahead you’ll receive the completed report within 7 business days along with the invoice for the work – We don’t ask for any upfront payment for creating your custom report but do expect immediate payment once the report has been delivered and your 100% absolutely delighted with it.

Go to the Contact Us Page to send a message about what type of MYOB Reports I can help you with.

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