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My name is Matthew and the owner of AccountingPower  – Welcome…

To give you some quick background, I first started with MYOB back when it was first released in Australia back in 1993.

At this stage I was running a small bookkeeping business and even back then I used to get requests all the time about creating additional reports, which was a nightmare having to do by hand –  Manually rekeying data and spending hours cutting and pasting data all over the place.

For the next 10 years I mastered the fine art of dumping existing reports from MYOB into Excel, avoiding the manual rekeying of data but still having to ‘Cut and Paste’ data all over the place to get the desired result.

But the turning point was when MYOB released an ‘ODBC Driver’ in the early 2000’s which allowed AccountingPower to connect Excel directly with MYOB. This meant that when new data was entered into MYOB, the report in Excel would automatically update.

One of my clients heard about this and set me the task of updating their current reporting process which was taking them a week to manually rekey data from MYOB every month… The end result was a report that updated from MYOB, with all the latest data in just a few minutes and saved them an absolute fortune in staff costs.

They where ecstatic with the results and they happened to tell a business colleague who needed to predict sales 9 months ahead of time so they could purchase enough stock from China.

Word of mouth is a wonderful thing sometimes, within just a few weeks I had people calling me from all over Australia – So I gave up the bookkeeping side of the business and concentrated purely on creating add-on reporting solutions for MYOB. I’m super proud of the fact that AccountingPower created the very first official reporting add-on for MYOB all those years ago.

And now, all these years later I’m still sitting behind my computer day in day out creating new MYOB Reporting Solutions for clients all over Australia and New Zealand – But in all this time technology has changed at an incredible rate.

When used correctly, Excel is now hands down one of the most powerful reporting tools available and when combined with MYOB there is nothing much that comes close to its versatility and depth of easy to use options.

Then there is PowerBI… If you want MYOB dashboards, this is the ultimate tool with the ability to drag and drop your MYOB data onto a graphical dashboard – It’s a little more complex than Excel, but I’m only a quick call away if you need any help.

So to finish off my long and winding story, AccountingPower is here to help you save hours and days every single month by automating your External Reporting Systems from MYOB…

If you are spending any time at all ‘Cutting and Pasting’ data that is dumped from existing MYOB Reports into Excel, I guarantee that I will cut the entire process down to just a few stress free minutes as you sit back relaxed with your favourite beverage knowing that you’ve saved yourself hours/days worth of your valuable time.

Like to have a chat – Use the form on the right of this page and I’ll personally give you a call about helping you save time and allow you to produce all your important MYOB Reporting absolutely stress free.

Best Regards


Matthew Jones

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